E-Learning courses for Hydrogen Safety Hydrogen application will become more visible in the coming years.
As hydrogen technologies are rapidly evolving it is important that persons
working with Hydrogen understand the risks associated.

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Hydrogen Safety is a Key Enabler to provide a platform for successful implementing future projects

Our courses are aiming to provide to a wide audience with general and specific training materials

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An offer of different courses in Hydrogen Safety with one awareness module and other specialization modules targeting different applications of hydrogen technologies.

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Via our courses you can meet professionals who are interested in Hydrogen Safety as well. With on-line discussions and meetings you can share your experience.

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Via our network you can raise any questions related to the course material. For dedicated support we the consultancy services can provided.

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Hydrogen safety within atex

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Drs. Ing. J.M.M.Bruijnen, MSc

Hydrogen safety and explosion safety assurance engineer

Dr. G. Makashova PhD


Dr. A.E. Dahoe

Lecturer in Explosion Safety and Hydrogen Safety, owner of Delft Explosion Solutions

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This course was developed for employees to understand the risks working with Hydrogen.
A short test will be offered at the end and a printable certificate of completion is offered at the end of the course.